The Adventure Starts

I’ve never known how to start intros and also because I have no experience with blogging so I will just dive right in and talk about the purpose of this blog, who I am, and what to expect from this as a reader. Honestly, I’m not sure who my audience would be (maybe friends and family?) as this blog is purely intended for my own personal use. This will be a reflection on my experience at Redwood Code Academy and web/software development journey.

I recently quit my job as a project manager/consultant at a Software As A Service (SaaS) company to pursue a career in web/software development. Don’t be fool by the title, it sounds more impressive than it really is. The majority of my work was mindless, repetitive tasks. I felt that I was wasting my life there, one spreadsheet at a time. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. Finally, one day I decided to start coding again for shiz n gigz. That day reignited something in me, it made me realized why I dropped out of CS at CSLUB and pursued an IS degree at CSUF. The truth is that I’ve always enjoyed coding but the CS degree required really high math and science (Calc 2/3 and Physics 2/3) which I’ve failed a couple of times, which forced me to pursue the next closest thing to a CS degree, Information Systems. I remember struggling in an Intro to C# class but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Eventually, my after work coding started to creep its way into my actual work hours, and that’s the moment I knew that I should quit and pursue this full time and find a career in software development. After many weeks of researching between self-taught vs community college vs coding camp. I decided to go with a coding camp for various reasons. Specifically, I decided to go with Redwood Code Academy for both professional and personal reasons. The professional reason is due to the stacks or languages they offer, C# and .Net. While, the personal reason is for their staff, especially their director, Karim. He treated me like I was a real person and really believed that I can benefit from a coding camp due to my previous technical background.

The full immersive program starts tomorrow ( or today at 10 AM) I am both nervous and excited for it. Even though, I have been attending the prep courses this past week. I do want to keep track and input what concepts I have/had difficulties with. I figured why wait until the actual program starts, the sooner you (or I) start it, the better!

Difficult concepts:
The concepts or issues that I’ve had during the prep courses were: resizing images with CSS, how to display block content horizontally, and centering texts vertically.


  1. Resize an image with CSS:
    There are many ways to resize an image with CSS but the most important thing is to define it as a class or an ID in order to select and stylize it with CSS.
  2. How to display block or similar content horizontally:
    I can encompass similar content within a container and define it as a class. Then, declare those content as its own individual classes then stylize it with CSS. Specifically, have them “float: left” or I can use “display: in-line block” — Will expand on this when I am less sleepy and have more time.
  3. Centering texts vertically:
    To center texts vertically (from the top and bottom) I would need to use stylize the class and its content with CSS by using “padding-top: xxPx” or “padding-bottom: xxPX” depending on the situation. — Will also expand on this.

Going forward, I will be tracking my progression in this formula. I will list the difficult concepts then solutions that I have found for it. What I hope to gain from this is a deeper understanding of the concepts I have difficulties with and if I can come up with better solutions later on. I also hope to increase my creative writing skills and I REALLY want to make this blog a bit funnier (or entertaining) but since I am new to blogging I’m not quite sure how to do it. If you know me IRL then you know that I am a bit of a goofball but when it comes to blogging or writing in general I tend to be more serious. That’s it for now, long day ahead tomorrow.

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