Week 4 (completed)

Week 4 was a very productive week, but the reoccurring theme seems to be whenever my understanding of a concept seems to somewhat solidifies, we move onto a new concept.

What I learned this week:
React Switch and Router – Switch and Router can render a new state of your web app without actually taking you to a new page. That is probably the simplest way I can define it in terms that makes sense to me. It also works hand in hand Redirect, Link and Navlink. Redirect can help ‘redirect’ you to a page that you want to display/render. While Link and Navlink works similarly, Link is mostly used for actual links when you are using an API GET request. Navlink is used as a nav bar to render states or move between menus without redirecting the user to a different page.
I also learned how Axios and how it can call an GET request from an API then use that data to display/renders info on our web app.

Concepts I struggled with this week:
I was struggling with a lot of syntax errors this week. E.g. using fetchdata() inside a useEffect() but then forget that I am able to use fetchData() outside of useEffect().

That is all I have for this week. It was a productive week but I have been pretty busy due to a minor fender bender I had during the beginning of last week. Consequently, I have to deal with the other party insurance claim adjuster representative..person…guy…whatever! It’s late and I am schleepy again. ~Soosh out!

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